Tone & Texture: Creating depth and interest tiles

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Whether for residential or commercial interiors, our ranges cover all bases in terms of being both on-trend and of the highest quality. When choosing from our Intro, Select and Absolute collections, we understand that certain factors determine the colour, style and finish of the right tile for you, and so we offer a wide range of options to suit all manner of requirements.

When it comes to tone and texture, a neutral colour palette doesn’t have to mean ‘understated’. A unique surface effect or pattern can add a sense of drama and interest, without overwhelming a space.

Our Savoy range introduces subtle texture through its Gloss Décor option, Subway Lab turns simplicity and sophistication on its head with a variety of three-dimensional surface effects, and Minerals replicates the appearance of slate through innovative printing techniques.

Adding a sense of calm serenity to busy spaces, our Eminence range elegantly creates impact through Flower, Ripple and Weave patterns. Street introduces an urban element, with the feel of raw concrete, and Woodland, through its appearance inspired by natural materials, boasts textural qualities for seamless, stunning results. Our aim is to ensure your creativity has no boundaries.

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